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What is Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology?

NLK is a branch of  Kinesiology which draws many of its techniques from Chinese Meridian Therapy, and incorporates many evidence based approaches from Counselling, Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Acupressure Therapy.


The basis of all Kinesiology is a technique called muscle testing which is a binary on or off communication system similar to that of the internal working of a computer.  It is a biofeedback model that allows the body to communicate what it needs to facilitate healing.


Muscle testing has now been used by chiropractors and Kinesiologists for 30 years. it is a dynamic tool which can be used to gain information from the brain and body. This muscle testing technique can be used to establish whether a situation, activity, memory, food or substance is causing stress to the system. Muscle testing can then be used to establish the most efficient way to alleviate this stress.

As all learning takes place in the brain and both hemispheres are needed for learning to be successful, NLK is designed to enable intergration of brain function. Learning should be fun, not stressful. Sometimes, because of physical, emotional or chemical stress, learning can become stressful and performance is affected.

When under stress it would appear that one of the brain hemispheres will dominate. Poor learning behaviours such as an inability to learn and retain information, concentrate, read and write fluently, comprehend, coordinate, follow instruction, communicate and use the creative imagination can occur.