Karen (Karrie) Rohrlach

Counsellor, Therapist & Coach

Welcome to Zanti Consulting!  My name is Karen Rohrlach (you can call me Karrie) and I am the Director and Founder of Zanti.  I am a Coach, Counsellor and Kinesiologist with specialist skills in Trauma using EMDR Trauma therapy.

I am passionate about supporting clients to live their best life, to experience peace and happiness and to have the skills to navigate those times in life where the going gets hard.

My strengths and passions lie in assisting clients to navigate significant life changes or transitions, find direction, clarity, purpose, hope, joy and fulfilment in your life, and to feel empowered to be seen, heard and valued.

I believe in looking at the whole person, and so focus beyond just the mind and emotions and look at the energy, environment and ancestral patterns that may be influencing a clients ability to live their best life.

I have an existential, transpersonal and humanistic approach to counselling and psychotherapy, but also love working with solution focused and other third wave approaches.  I utilise these approaches into an overall integrated approach with the under pinning of person centred therapy. 



My Story

In 2011 my body decided it needed a break.  After experiencing burnout, chronic fatigue and inflammation it was time for a change.  This change came in the form of a shift in perception of my purpose and contributing mindset.   This was the beginning of a journey in personal growth and healing. 

I commenced my studies in Psychology in 2011, and shortly after started studying a variety of other personal growth and healing modalities, including Kinesiology. This took me deeper into a shifting perception of life and meaning.  

Over the years I explored many different personal healing approaches ultimately recognising that the Mind/ Body/ Spirit Connection means more than it seems at first glance.  We can look at the evolution of our soul, or the physical needs of our body, or the mind, but without bringing it together we are missing key pieces in our healing journey. 

I recognised that one cannot exist without the other.  And so I commenced my Graduate Diploma in Counselling.  I recognised and experienced the power of looking at all aspects of healing, the mind, body and energetic aspects all play a significant part not just in our health, but in our ability to turn up in the world in the way we would choose.  To live the life we choose to live, not the one we accidently fall into, or settle for.

My approach to Counselling and therapy is to work through all levels. I make no claims to physical healing and leave that to the specialists, I have found however that working with the psychological, emotional, and energetic systems can be extraordinarily powerful in bringing about improved mental health and life satisfaction, meaning and purpose.



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Navigating Life Transitions

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Trauma & PTSD

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