Jo Wilkins

Counsellor &
Expressive Therapies Practitioner

Hi, I’m Jo and I’m a counselor with Zanti. If you find that you have lost your confidence, not feeling yourself, feeling trapped or anxious and having trouble seeing your way forward, then I can help you.


My passion lies in helping women of all ages find their way out of the conflict, chaos and drama in their lives and move to a life filled with peace, harmony and balance.


Through working with me, I can assist you with finding your inner strength, breaking down the walls around you to find harmony in your life. You will gain the knowledge and confidence to be able to see your potential and live the life you choose!


My Story

What brought me here?  Struggling with mainstream schooling, I followed the path my parents paved for me and went onto business college and then spent many years working in secretarial and administrative roles, a career in which I excelled, and which provided me with many opportunities as I travelled and lived in remote parts of Australia with my husband and children. 


When I reached my mid 40's events occurred that triggered a life review.  I had to look inside myself and decide what I really wanted to do with my life - who am I and where do I fit in this world of ours?!  By this time, our children had grown and left home and I no longer enjoyed or gained fulfilment in my career path - I felt lost.

It was at this point I decided to see a counsellor to help me find my way.  For the first time in my life, I started to understand how I communicate with others, and in this process I had some 'lightbulb' moments which changed who I am as a person and helped me to find my purpose and connect with my values.  I then realised this is what I wanted to be - that as a counsellor I could work with others to make positive changes in their lives.

I then embarked on a learning journey- to gain the skills I needed so that I could fulfil my life's purpose - to assist people in need.


For many years now, I have worked alongside women to support them in making positive changes in their lives. To leave a life filled with chaos and confusion, and embrace a life of peace and harmony. To have the confidence to live the life they choose!



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Interactive Drawing Therapy

Relationship Support for Women

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Grief and Loss

Managing Stress

Interpersonal Violence

Communication Strategies

Creating Healthy Relationships

Resilience and Self Confidence