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Interpersonal Violence Support

(Supporting Healthy Relationships)

Interpersonal violence support includes education on relationship 'red flags', toxic behaviours and how to identify unhealthy relationship patterns.  This can then provide the foundation for learning to address and build more satisfying, healthy and positive relationships in your life.

A healthy relationship involves open communication between partners where there is honesty, respect and trust; where each person should feel safe to make their own decisions without retribution or retaliation.  There is no imbalance of power - each person is considered an equal in the relationship.


We offer the following support:

Counselling around healthy and unhealthy relationships including:

  • Awareness/understanding of what is Interpersonal Violence (IPV) (otherwise known as Domestic and Family Violence)

  • The different forms of IPV from physical violence to coercive control

  • Cycle of Abuse

  • What is gaslighting, "love bombing" and red flags to look out for.

  • How to identify if you are in an unhealthy relationship and support around this, including safety planning

  • How to support someone else who may be experiencing Interpersonal Violence.