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Karen (Karrie) Rohrlach

Counsellor, Therapist
& Leadership Coach

Welcome to Zanti Consulting!  My name is Karen Rohrlach (you can call me Karrie) and I am the Director and Founder of Zanti.  I am a Leadership Coach and Mentor, Counsellor and Kinesiologist with specialist skills in Trauma using EMDR Trauma therapy.

I have spent many years studying and working in leadership, management, and counselling.  I completed an organisational psychology/management minor while completing a Bachelor of Social Science / Psychology, in addition to studies in project management, IT and database management and systems design.

I have supported many organisations, in the private and public sector, to develop systems and processes to improve efficiency and productivity.  I have designed databases and systems to support businesses, and assisted many small private business to undertake the daunting task of developing policies and procedures, systems, and to meet regulatory requirements.  I have established many small businesses from scratch, and have supported other small business to build the foundation to support professionalism, growth and proficiency. 

I have a Graduate Diploma of Counselling which allows me to work on the interpersonal aspects of leadership, management and career, in addition to the business processes and structural components of running a small business. 

I am passionate about supporting a leadership mindset in organisations of all sizes, one that supports inspired growth, passion and commitment to a common purpose.  I believe in conscious leadership where we can build a symbiotic relationship of growth, expansion and change to support the desired goal our outcome.   Where everyone gets the opportunity to contribute, grow and thrive along the road to success.

My Story

As is often the case, life can provide us with life changing moments where we start to question the reality we signed up for.  For me this happened back in 2011 where a range of events triggered a shift in perspective and attitude towards life, work and purpose.

At the time I was surrounded by people who were counting the days until retirement, in jobs they no longer enjoyed, and working towards the day they could travel and relax and live the life they desire.  In an unfortunate event, one of those people never made it to retirement.  All around me were people getting sick and suffering from stress from a life designed to build a foundation for a life that started in retirement.  I decided that day that for me there is more to life.  My own health had taken a dive from burnout, and I just knew there was a better way.

After years of study and self-development work I found my way out of this way of living, and started to live the life I choose.  A life where I can follow my passions, help others, and enjoy the flow and flexibility that comes from doing what you love, when you love it, and finding purpose and satisfaction in the process. 


My wish for anyone who comes to me for support and assistance is that they get to live the life they choose.  Not what I would choose, or others would choose for them, but that they would choose for themselves.  The career that satisfies them and brings them the abundance and joy they wish for.  The passion and purpose that drives them to get out of bed each morning with joy and excitement. 

If that sounds like something you would like then please reach out - maybe we can help each other along the journey. 

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